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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Article Marketing (Tool 2)

I regret upon a delay as I've been very busy last few weeks but here is the tool 2 for online marketing.

Online your potential success solely depends on traffic, if there is no traffic neither you can generate sales nor you can earn revenue through advertisements. Keep in mind people are always hungry for the information and here article marketing comes in, which helps you a lot in attracting visitors, the more popular the articles are, the more visitors there will be.

Creating and distributing valuable content attracts the attention of visitors who are searching information related to particular field. Through article marketing you can target the audience who are readers of e-news, brief leavers, blogs, e-books and magazines etc.

Provide valuable information in your article related to your products or services and explain briefly about its benefits to your targeted industry such as “The Importance of Logo Design for Small Business”. The article explains the importance of logo design in terms of creating brand awareness and its benefits for small businesses for marketing of their products or services.

Once you are done with creating a good article publish it on your own site and create re-write versions of the content in order to submit it to the article directories, which will benefit your site in terms of search engine rankings.

Try to search and insert long tail keywords within the body of the content, which are mostly searched by your targeted audience through Google keywords search tool. It will help you in optimizing your site on the keywords, entered by your target audience as well search engines also loves to see keyword optimized articles on the site, which helps them to identify and index the site accordingly.

Almost all article directories allow you to create a hyperlink on a keyword, through which you can have an anchor text link on your targeted keywords. Using long tail keywords in the content published on your site  and anchor text links through the article directories can let your site rank higher on those keywords, which means more leads to your site.

Remember if your articles are well written and informative they will gain popularity and helps you in creating fans for your content, who links back to your site; even few of them provide a small review about your content too on their blogs or suggest further reading to their readers for the related content written by them.

Though article marketing is comparatively cheap then other advertising and marketing methods, hence it is much more powerful tool as compared to the other tools used for marketing your business online. It has been proved that article marketing helps in bringing a huge number of traffic at very minimal expense if compared to sponsored ads or pay per click advertisements.

I’ve found an interesting document on article marketing written by Mr. Matt Callen, "The Article Marketing  Blueprint". Read more

I’ve gathered and created a list of 238 Article Directories for my readers. Click here

Stay tuned for the tool # 3


Mishu said...

Nice article. Writing article and publishing online is a great source of residual income for many people and i think you give them some good tips for their help.

Guest said...

very good. I think this is service to all internet readers, general and in particular.
Keep up the good work .

Ryna said...

Amazing article..!