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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Video - Search Engine Optimization (Tool 9)

Video Optimization
One of the utmost benefits of video search traffic is that it’s free, it’s viral and it can still be easily controlled for certain groups of phrases. Generally speaking the video search engines can’t look inside the video to identify what the video is all about for which they rely on other factors such as meta files (title, description, tags) and anchor text / hyper links in order to categorize the video.

However, searching engine have become smart enough to identify adult content within the video through some flash detection, which also helps in detection of text on the screen but it does not help us in optimization process of the video.

Few Tips for Optimizing of your videos:

Ensure that your videos are relevant and informative – make sure that your video provides useful information and is relevant to the tags inserted while uploading a video. The best practice observed are those that provide demonstration, step-by-step guide and opinions regarding some products or brands. Do not just upload videos for the sake of providing something to your viewers which is not relevant to your offerings.

Give a Catchy Title – One way to get users to view your video is to give catchy titles that contain relevant keywords as of your service or product offerings. This will also help in bring the traffic over to your site.

Use Video Portals for link back - try uploading videos on portals like YouTube, MySpace etc. and link back to the related videos uploaded on your site.

Optimize your video on Important Key Phrases – Ensure what keywords your target audience are searching for and tag your video with these terms preferably name the video based on these terms.

Give Transcripts along with your Videos – Search engines will need something to index and rank your site accordingly for which it is necessary to provide some transcript on page which serves as HTML and is still search engine’s favorite.

Do not create lengthy videos - try keeping your video up to maximum of 5 minutes. If your video content is of long duration, my suggestions break it up into smaller parts and tag each of them accordingly. It helps in making your videos more interesting and also keep users looking for more.

Create Video Site-map on your site - For videos uploaded on your own site, make it is for the users and crawlers to find the video content easily. The easiest way is to create a site map based on important keywords or key phrases with respect to the search volume and provide anchor text link to your videos.

Apply Appropriate Tags - tag your videos with key phrases that are insightful of the content.

Brand your Video – Videos are observed to be a great tool, which helps in generating brand awareness to your prospects. Take complete advantage of this tool by incorporating your logo within your videos.

Inbound Linking – It is not much different from promoting a website so remember to link your videos using important keywords in anchor text.

Provide Embed Option with your Videos – it allows users to embed the video to their sites or blogs through inserting the code in their sites. Think viral marketing

Insert Descriptive Meta Data – while uploading videos insert relevant keywords and a keyword rich description of your video content.

Allow Ratings on your Video – allow users to rate your videos the higher ratings the video receive the chance of grabbing search engines attention will get higher.

Syndicate Your Video - Submit your video to RSS and MRSS directories.

Some basic tips to assist you in promotion of your videos:

• Give exposure to your videos by placing them everywhere possible.

• Social bookmarking sites and tools will help you in providing the visibility to your videos. Social bookmarking sites can help your video go viral and works regardless of promotional medium.

• End the video with an option of sharing or send to a friend. Give some incentive to help you spread the word.

Video optimization is gaining more importance these days due to its mainstream aspect to search engine optimization. Be smart about it, don't just post a video for the sake of posting but try to engage users through it. Think about your audience, their language, and their needs and keep focus on delivering them the value through the content, which also helps in link bait.

Next post will be based on resources, which will guide you in submitting your videos MRSS, so stay tuned.


Huzefa said...

when is this next post regarding MRSS coming???
this is a new term that i've come across and i'm looking forward in learning more about it. you should create posts as different tools for video marketing as you've done before.
excellent post..really informative and a learning guide for me

Ryna said...

very informative!

Hasan Shirazi said...

@Huzefa, Thanks for the feedback, the next article is already up hope you will get maximum out of both posts. Sure I will try to write another one regarding how to bring your video on the first page of youtube

@Ryna Thanks for the feedback

saad said...

i hv found this post an extraordinary informative and luxurious as it contains all the tids and bits of the video optimization, as all the audience are getting youTube its the most powerful genre of the internet marketing to get the most output...the Article simply rocks..!