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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mobile Marketing (Tool 8)

 What do you take with you when you leave your home?

According to a research by Morgan Stanley, the answers received were wallet, keys and mobile phone. 91% of mobile phone owners keep their phone within one meter, 24 hours a day. Based on a survey, it is a tool, which keep you in contact with anyone – anywhere, marketers uses this platform of communication for sending simple marketing messages to introduce them with their services or an invitation for joining as a new audience for some participation based campaign.

Mobile connectivity does not only allow for voice communication but it enables the users to connect via internet but also consolidates the different communication channels in a simple, yet effective, medium through different type of gadgets such as PDA, communicator etc.

Due to the direct response and comparatively lower cost of communication the face of advertising and marketing is changing, in 2008 Ahonen has identified seven unique features of mobile phones, which highlights the unique benefits and challenges which are:

1. Mobile phones are personal and usually users do not share it with others.
2. Due to its compact size they are portable and can always be carried along.
3. The mobile phones are mostly switched on, so that the users can keep themselves in touch with others.
4. Mobile phones have a built-in payment system.
5. It is available at the point of creative brainwave.
6. Through mobile phones, you can receive precise audience measurement.
7. The mobile phone captures the social context of media consumption.

The research, endorsed by the Internet Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association, shows 54% of the people questioned would be willing to use mobile to interact with "brands of their preference".

Based on above seven points few connotations for marketers:

Don't just pitch

This is not just a rule for mobile marketing but it has become an important cross-platform guideline. The consumers don’t like to be told to buy something, but they desire value for the time which they have invested in your marketing.

Don't overdo it

Don’t’ just start bombardment with message at those contact, which you might have captured during a transaction, which is usually practiced by small businesses maybe due to lack of marketing skills where they are unable to recognize that they risk alienating their customers. It also antagonizes, irritates and alienates people while rarely prompting sales.

You must realize that a mobile is a very personal device, to interrupt too often and without good reason will not do your brand any favors.

Respect the recipient

Never embark on a mobile marketing campaign unless consent has been given as handset holders have the right to control what information they shall receive.

If you are offering a good deal, for example, discount coupons etc., whatever works for your brand, then your customers will be happy to provide you with their details.

Adopt good marketing manners by making it easy for them to opt out if they decide to, because unsolicited messages, as well as being legally dubious, will antagonize your recipients.

Target appropriately

You need to be very careful in targeting the appropriate users. Do not send grannies the chance to win tickets to Disney in association with your new product because it is unlikely to have the response you are hoping for.
However, it may harm your brand’s goodwill too, so make sure you're careful.

Remember SEO

Internet usages on mobile phones are increasing day by day, so it is important for marketers to remember SEO, who wants to gain maximum value from the handset platform.

Interestingly, Tad Chef listed 33 mobile SEO & mobile analytics resources on the SEOptimise blog, which is a good starting point for those wanting to explore the various opportunities on offer.


Ryna said...

Great post..You are right ..Sometimes I want to throw my cell phone when it is bombarded with the messages..!

Hasan Shirazi said...

Thanks Ryna.

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