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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Social Media (Tool 7)

Cluster of new sort of online media, which shares the following characteristics, is known as social media:

PARTICIPATION: users are encouraged to contribute and share feedback, which hazes the line between the concept of media and audience.

OPENNESS: most of the social media services are set to openness with a freedom of providing your feedback or conveying your message to everyone. Such services also encourage voting, comments and sharing of information too. There are hardly any sort of barriers to accessing and making use of content.

CONVERSATION: social media is a conversational, two-way communication medium, whereas traditional media is about “broadcast”, content transmitted or distributed to an audience.

COMMUNITY: it allows users to form a community for effective communication around common interests such as business opportunities, favorite shows etc.

CONNECTEDNESS: Most kinds of social media flourish on their connectedness, via links and unite different types of media in one place.

Why Social Networking?

It is very entertaining form of networking where you meet people of similar interests, and can be very effective medium for entrepreneurs, small or start up businesses, writers, musicians or artists.

Everyone has some type of hobbies or things in which they are keenly interested such as movies, cars, games, business tips or technology innovations, social media allows all to reach out to each other who share similar interests.

However, Simultaneously You Need To Ask Yourself, “Which Is The Right Social Network For You?”

Questions you must ask yourself in order to pick a right social network for yourself:

1.What do you want out of a social network?
2.Are you choosing social network for business reasons?

If yes, then you must check the presence of your target audience first or else you can choose a general interest sharing social network such as facebook, MySpace, Bebo for an advertising face or business oriented networks such as Linkedin, WeCanDo.Biz for making good business contacts.

It is suggested that you should pick a niche social network with specific theme because it matches your interest, where you will be more likely to get involved in the community after all that what social networking is all about.

Regrettably, there are plenty of social networks that cater different interest, but still there isn't a social network for each and every interest. But, almost all social networks allow users to created groups to share their interest through which usually people are connected to each other.