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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introduction to Vodcasting / Video Blogging

“The combination of video files posted to the internet with a method of updating the content quickly and combining the usability of blogs with video files is known as Video blog or Vodcasts” Zen (2005). Video blogs are not just the videos, which could be found widely on internet, but video blogs carry some of these features along, Meng (2005):
  • Video blogs are downloadable files,
  • A regular updated blog format,
  • A RSS Feed with enclosure.
The video blogs are downloadable files, if it is not downloadable; it usually does not count as it is a video blog because the concept behind it is that the user can download the file and can access it even without the internet anywhere and anytime. Most of the video blogs use standard blog format, which give an ease of updating it so that it can come on ranking of search engines and the viewers can find it, and with RSS enabled on it, people can subscribe to the feed and can download videos wherever it is convenient for them. RSS reader is check feeds on schedule automatically, every time any new video blog is added it would be sent automatically to the subscribers.

Creating a vodcast is as easy as 1-2-3,

Source: Meng (2005), “Podcasting and Vodcasting – A white paper”

The videos or pictures uploaded from the cell phones having camera and access to the internet are known as Moblog.